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The WI-FI network in the Municipality of Trieste How to navigate?
To enable citizens and tourists to connect to the internet with WI-FI and surf for free, after free registration to the system, the Municipality of Trieste has enabled the project TriesteFreeSpoTS.

Each user has available for internet browsing a daily quantity of 400 MB of data volume downloaded (Internet browsing and e-mail) for 4 hours .

Once this threshold will terminate and restart navigation from 00.00 the following day.

TriesteFreeSpoTS is a constantly evolving service that will cover an increasing number of areas of the city, in particular, in short, in addition to the coverage areas towns will activate navigation in many public places (bars).

Turn on the WIFI on your device (laptop, smartphone,  tablet etc.).

Search existent networks and select TriesteFreeSpoTS

Confirm press ok on the privacy policies that will appear only the first time you connected.

Eduroam it is possible as well on the same pointes to connect automatically do the Eduroam networks.

Remember that the web browsing it's for free but limited at 4 hours or 400 MB by day.

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