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Do you speak…

…English ? Est-ce que vous parlez Français ? Deutsch ? Govoriš slovenski jezik ?

Even if your cup of tea is Maltese, Finnish or Latvian something interesting about the Eu is here for you... In every language of the Eu.
To you, dear polyglots, the choice:

The EUROPEAN COMMISSION, DG Instruction and Culture;

The European Centre of Modern Languages in Graz:

In the above site all the initiatives of the European Day of Languages (September 26th) :

The European Office for less known languages;

Mercator Network– Infos on regional and/or minority languages in the Eu;

Are you interested in the European certificates? or the best courses to learn a foreign language ? A glance to this site is mandatory!

Lingu@net Europa is a multilingual centre :

The University of Cambridge Language Centre boasts of a million useful links:

More links? Just check:

Are you seasoned travellers? A basic knowledge of that "strange" language before departure can be found at:
It's for you to explore it. Our advice: peep in the category "DA LEGGERE" with plenty of revealing articles.
Don't you find anything of interest in this site? That means you clicked on our language link by mistake !

How stupid of us, yes... DICTIONARIES : OR
Only if language technologies are your bread and butter. The right portal for you: news, calls of proposals, opportunities in every sector.
2004 edition of “Lingua Products”

How about some tonguetwisters? (there are 1842 in 75 languages !):
How about a short (30") film ?

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