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Photogallery: Gioventù in Europa (anno 2006)
Seminario di contatto: Trieste Match Point, 27 - 31 marzo 2006

Welcoming drink & first contact at our office.

There are also young men, not only girls...

Dinner time !

Tuesday morning. official opening of the seminar.

The participants' presentation : here is Hungary.

The floor to Germany.

It's Polish time.

Joint presentation: Slovakia and Italy.

Pizza evening...

It's a contact seminar: Bulgaria and Poland meet.

One day's schedule.

Prepare-your-own-lunch COMPETITION : group 1

Prepare-your-own-lunch COMPETITION : group 2

Prepare-your-own-lunch COMPETITION : group 3

Prepare-your-own-lunch COMPETITION : group 4

The jury has a tough job...

The sunny afternoon visit to Miramare Castle.

Resting and getting a sun tan.

Triestine dinner: cuttlefish, mussels, risotto...

After dinner PARTY : wild dancing !

Taste (just a sip) of Europe.

Time to draft future projects !

The last breakfast at the Casa della Musica.

Work, work, work: evaluation forms, checking addresses...

Our EVS activities' logo.

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9 Mai: Journée de l’Europe

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