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What are we doing exactly ?
How about a Power Point presentation ?
Just in case you do not know the EuD network ?
PS : The picture shows our beloved minivan we regularly drive through the region for our promotional campaigns. From time to time we take some longer trips as well (see the picture: in Mostar, Bosnia).
You only need to click on the Power Point presentation underneath to know more about us and Europe Direct.

This PPoint presentation explains everything (almost)

our EVS volunteers...
The young people we scatter all over Europe as an EVS sending organisation are usually well prepared and extremely well informed. And not by chance. Some of them have been previously involved in volunteers association and even cooperated with our office.
Take Marica (here in the paper clip, with the children of the kindergarten she was working with) for instance, who took part in a successful project in Bar, Montenegro.

This English edition of our web site is on line since August 1st 2005.
It is far from being complete (we are always sooo busy...) and we do admit that it is not Queen's English either.
It is only a reminder of our activity so that our present and future foreign partners can find a short description of our activities and a sample of our "real" website, Italian edition.
In "OUR OFFICE" you find our address, goals and our pictures as well.
The "PHOTOGALLERY" is just pictures, self explanatory.
The box to your right (MOST USEFUL) could be of help. Just click and check.
Translating everything takes time and competence. For the moment being when you click on you'll find -most times-the Italian version.
...bear with us.

Thank you for clicking on our site but...
Keep slowing down, please ! We are receiving heaps of invitations (especially last minute) and proposals from all over Europe. Thank you all.
PS: We cooperate with the newly born
Association ExisT (details in the box). So, please, be patient and understand that we need planning ahead and it's extremely difficult to accept "last moment" proposals.
Paola (see picture), one of our former EVS volunteers presently working in Brussels, edited the 1st issue of NEVA (Newsletter of the Network of ex EVS Volunteers); some time ago and also contributes to the
NEVA website

The Formez… forms you!
With its focus on international activities, this Department and its renewed web site represent an excellent support for the Public Administration.
It is  also useful to establish shared communication channels among partner countries. The institute supports inter-regional cooperation partnerships and integrated territorial development as well.

the Programme YOUTH IN ACTION 2007 - 2013

CLICK HERE to download  the Programme Guide that replaced the previous version since 1st January 2008.
It offers you information, news and discussions. All about Europe and relevant to young people.
PS : This is another occasion to remind you of our active involvement in youth projects of any kind.
Need a reliable partner? Just e-mail us ! We ARE busy but... who knows...

YouTube / made in EU
How about the 45" of "European films what a joy!" ?
Are you a buff historian?
The 7'51" of 50 Years of EU in the World are made for you: just click
On your own? The list is
at your disposal.

The programme goes on year after year.
Our "plunge into the schools of Trieste" remains as successful as ever. Our visits / lessons last roughly one hour, usually in the multimedia rooom, where several groups can come and enjoy the presentation.
We always bring plenty of publications, gadgets and prizes for the students and the teachers as well.
Just click "PHOTOGALLERY"  with plenty of pictures of our visits. They are self explanatory.

Europe Direct

IPE's presentation in the 20 Eu official languages

EuD's presentation in every Eu official language

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9th of May : Europe Day

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