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School year 2008/ 2009
Visits to schools and carloads of free publications

The tradition goes on. This year too, we will visit many schools all over the region. We will show videos, give short lectures and bring plenty of free publications, posters, gadgets...
PS : The other parts of this section are only in Italian, sorry !
If you care about ordering publications for high schools 
you are just a click away !

In case you understand
(or study) Italian...
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When the Info Point Europe was inaugurated in June 1999, one of its very first objectives was to keep in contact with schools and students.
Our quizzes (and the huge quantity of prizes bestowed on the students) met with great success.  Teachers appreciated the videos concerning the European Union and the educational comics, not only in Italian, but also in English, French, German and Slovene. After 8 years of experience, we increased our activity.
In fact, you can ask for “your own” visit /conference. BELOW you find the form to request the visit / conference, some news about Comenius and a roundup of a lot of other programmes created by the EU.

for schools only

materiale didattico
Un percorso da... fiaba

quiz per studenti

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Have fun with Italian stereotypes (pure imagination, OF COURSE !)
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