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We are also an EURODESK point...

and are active members of the LDA network

Logo Eurodesk Our activities? We will not (of course) mention our front office, nor the answering the more and more frequent questions by fax or e-mail. The conferences /seminars / courses we organize are very well known as well. We are prouder of our promotional tours in the region (and also neighbouring Slovenia and recently even Serbia) with our flashy "IPEmobile" and also of the future opening of more subrelays.
More information on our status of EURODESK in ; everything on LDA (Local democracy Agencies) in

Newsletter, + THAN FAQ, POWERPOINT presentations, UE FOR YOU guide...

To keep up with Eu infos, to discover Eu opportunities

I nostri foglietti informativi : PIU' CHE FAQ A simple e-mail and we add you on our mailing list. As it is only in Italian you'll have to learn the language...
Every year we publish a booklet: 2005 was the time for the second edition of our guide "UE FOR YOU" targeted for the young.
Our info sheets on the more frequently asked questions (our + THAN FAQ) are simple, downloadable (.PDF format) and extremely practical. Here again, only in Italian. Sorry.
At the end of this text you find the attachments of our course ( 4 parts) "Comunicare l'Europa" in Powerpoint. 
Corso IPE / Comunicare l'Europa: 1 Come comunicare l'UE, come funziona la Ue
Corso IPE / Comunicare l'Europa: 2, L'avvenire dell'Europa (allargamento, CIG, Costituzione)
Corso IPE/ Comunicare l'Europa: 3, La rete d'informazione - Opportunitą e finanziamenti per i cittadini
Corso IPE / Comunicare l'Europa: 4, Come trovare le informazioni- Internet, banche dati





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