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Sooo easy to find us......................................(CHECK the box to THE RIGHT: staff, story...)
...right behind Unità d'Italia Square !

Downtown. Right behind the Town Hall.
Can't be wrong unless you plan to park your car in front of the door ! Please do park on the waterfront or by the railway station.
If you really need your car (e.g. to collect plenty of publications) just call us in advance. We'll try to help you..


Comune di Trieste             
via della Procureria 2/a,   I - 34121 Trieste             
tel. 040-675.41.41...............................fax 040-675.41.42                                    

OPENING HOURS: from Monday through Friday 9.00 - 12.30
...............................Tuesday and Thursday also 14.30- 17.00

Europe Direct Trieste is...
We are organised in such a way as to give an initial response to any request for information on the European union, to assist the public in their research and direct people, if necessary, to more appropriate sources. This network was renovated in 2005 and we were confirmed as a member of the new EUROPE DIRECT network that substituted the Info Point Europe and Carrefour pre existing networks.

We have at our disposal a broad range of documentation on European institutions and policies. At our office, you can get brochures and publications with information on the work and decisions of the European Union, consult the collections of the Official Journal or other official publications, watch the programme Europe By Satellite (EBS), or watch videos.
We publish newsletters, work with local media and organise symposia, conferences or other events designed to increase public awareness of the European Union. Many activities are targeted specifically for a young audience.
e have been especially active in the YOUTH Programme:
- official EVS sending organisation;
- we help to organise Youth for Europe exchanges;
- took part in Action 5 activities and coordinated some Capital Future (Action 3) initiatives.

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Have fun with Italian stereotypes (pure imagination, OF COURSE !)
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