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Action 2: European Voluntary Service
e.g. volunteering abroad for at least 6 months
EVS is a great opportuny for the young people aged 18 - 30 living in the Eu. Nationality, level of studies and knowledge of foreign languages are not important at all.
We are an OFFICIAL SENDING ORGANISATION; our task is to inform and prepare the young interested in the EVS. We help them to sort out the different proposals from the data base on line.
                                        ***** board and lodging are free;
                                         **** free course of the local language:
                                            *** monthly pocket money of about 100 Euros; 
                                             ** minimum stay abroad: 6 months.
Our expert Mattia can advise the interested parties and organise meetings to explain the dos and donts in detail.
REMEMBER: It is extremely important to plan ahead because almost 6 months are needed to find the projects and get the official approval for the EVS National Agencies.
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Great experiences..... unhappy encounters.... adventures.... friends... advice...
You better browse (plenty of pictures) the "adventures" (text in Italian, sorry) of our volunteers.

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