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Action 1: Youth for Europe----------------------- Check the pictures in our PHOTOGALLERY ! --

Short term exchanges for the young

Partying the night away in Santiago de Comostela This Action (check ) refers to short exchanges.
It's a programme for those aged from 15 to 25.
THE PROJECT can last from 6 to 21 days, travel time not included.
It's already three years we take part in it helping the young people to draw the project, find partners, etc.
Underneath you can find a short summary of our past activities.
FOR PARTNERSHIPS WITH US just send an e-mail ! 

A great experience in Poland.

From August 30th through September 12th in Okuninka

Italian Day: pasta for lunch ! All our young people came back from Poland with smiles on their faces and regret that the experience was over.
They spent two weeks in Okuninka working with their new Polish friends: workshops, cultural exchanges, visits to the nearby region and beautiful Lublin.
The Italian night was a success: traditional food, dances and songs.
Nothing less from the Polish night... new friendships have started, new ideas for the future !  

Latest exchange in Trieste: 13- 22 May 2005

Bilateral exchange Italy - Bulgaria

Everybody smiling in Trieste ! This exchange, financed by Action 1 of the Youth Programme, was dedicated to the fight against negative stereotypes and prejudices and to start future cooperations. To know one another better, to put it simply.
The only contribition for the participants was 30% of travel expanditures. The rest is financed by our beloved Eu.
As always in the PHOTOGALLERY you find plenty of pictures.

In Trieste again: 29 Sept - 7 Oct 2004

With our Greek, Bulgarian and Slovene friends

Un clown allegro ! Extremely successful and lively exchange with a total of 36 young people.

The result of it (besides friendships and a lot of work) was a production of short video: "Respect".

A DVD copy of it (subtitles in English) can be sent on demand. 

Budapest: from 6 through 12 September 2004

The taste of Hungarian folklore and hospitality

- This bilateral exchange Itlay - Hungary has been simply fantastic. Every participant agreed with this definition.
The Hungarian group led by Melinda aws extremely hospitable.
They showed the beautiful city to the Italian group (parks, typical restaurants and above all thebeautiful thermae), organized a workshop om bricolage, a downtown reasure hunt.
The highlight was probably the visit to an old rural village, practically an open door museum. 

Spain, for the second time

3 - 12 April 2004 in Estremadura

Pirotecnico scambio in Estremadura Happy and with a good tan. That is the description of our group when they came back very from their experience in san Benito, a small village in Estremadura.
They exchanged ideas on international solidarity with their new Greek and Sopanish friends. They took part in laboratories about street theatre, some cultural meetings and also visited the nearby natural park.
Don't forget to check their pictures in our "PHOTOGALLERY / Gioventů in Europa".  

The first meeting in Trieste

4 -12 November 2003

Gli impegni giornalieri dei partecipanti Bilateral exchange Italy - Slovenia.
Sixteen young men and young ladies spending the week in our city exchanging views on the theme "Border, Which Border?"
Thanks to two workshops (video and photography) they analysed the characteristics of the city (people, places, historical buildings).
The video witnessed the opinions of the citizens of Trieste on the subjects of integration among italians and slovene. 

A short trip in Slovenia !

1 - 8 September 2003 at Velenje

Slovenian, Italian, Austrian and German young people discussing about racism and xenofobia.

The lodging was in the countryside (see picture).
Most of the acvtivities were filmed. 

It began this way...

From 21 through 28 February 2003 in Santiago de Compostela (Spain)

- Thanks mainly to Francesca (at the time our Y.P. coordinator) the very first experience in Santiago de Compostela started it all.
The theme of the exchange was "The young people and their leisure time". The participants came from Italy, Spain, Rumania and Finland.
They presented their traditions, music and culinary specialties of their countries and mixed everything with thir habitual activities in their leisure time. A great success indeed.
Naturally you can check the PHOTOGALLERY ! 

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