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What are YOU doing here ?
..if you are 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 up to 30 yrs old ?
Are you then over 18 and not yet 30?
Does the idea of a new experience in another country thrill you?
Thanks to the EVS you to can spend at least 6 months in another european country in a voluntary service. Without spending a single cent of your savings !
Board and lodging: FREE + language course: FREE
          100 Euro (+ or -) as a monthly pocket money
Travel expenses? We take care of that. International insurance policy? We take care of that as well.
Craving for more infos? Either you call our office or start clicking  or also (only in Italian).
Interested in neighbouring  Slovenia and SALTO-YOUTH South East Europe Resource Centre? .

Don' t you believe it?
Here we've got witnesses ! And plenty of pictures !

Click on the blue  (segue) underneath and you'll find the list of our "heroes", their reports and their pictures.
Unfortunately the reports of our volunteers (not a single one got lost) are in Italian. You cannot therefore fully appreciate their exquisite prose and enjoy their tales but you can certainly watch the pictures !
SPAIN remains the favourite country of our young people.  It was chosen by 17 of them. Second place for Greece with 6. Bronze medal for Portugal (5), fourth place to France (4), then we find Belgium (3), UK, Finland, Poland and The Netherlands follow with 2 volunteers each.
Only 1 choice for Sweden, Denmark, Slovenia, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro and Palestine.
TOTAL : 42 girls, 9 boys.


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