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AndreaEurope Direct's staff
Just to let you know who's talking to you on the phone.

Andrea and Franco from the very beginning when the Municipality signed the convention with the DG Press and Communication in 1998.
We started to grow and employed Francesca, Marta, Elisabetta (they all left us for other rewarding jobs) then Mattia one year ago and Sargis only few months ago. The strings are (gently) pulled by our director Maila. Here we are, in an extremely stricyt alphabetical order of course.
Let's start with Andrea (see photo to the left). He is a specialist in finding funds, projects and is responsible for the administrative part of our activities.
It's up to him to keep the contacts with the national network and the Eurodesk points.

FrancoA veteran... not too old
Former teacher and traveller
A pinch of experience amid the youth.
The front office, the publications and personal contacts are his strong points. If you need something he'll find it.
He's the man to contact if you spotted something wrong in this website. He'll take care of that as well. He is at his best at entertaining students of every age.
The publications ("Ciao Lira benvenuto Euro" and "UE FOR YOU") were mainly due to his stubborness..
Quite understandable in English and French.

MailaOur Chief
Who has to coordinate three informative offices.
Maila is our "boss", in charge of the Communication Bureau of the Municipality of Trieste. She coordinates the activities of our office, the Youth Info office and URP (Public Relations Bureau) of the Municipality.
Heavy reponsibilities, plenty of work for her but our Europe Direct office has never been neglected.
Some (envious) colleagues even affirm that we are the apple of her eyes...


A young man... with experience
Our man in charge of the Youth Programme and Youth In Action Programme
A former EVS volunteer (at the Azores), Mattia had also a Future Capital project approved.
He substituted Francesca in January 2005.
Substituting our "great expert" was a formidable task, but Mattia proved to be the right man for the job. EVS volunteers are lining up and regularly leaving for their projects all over Europe and youth activities are flourishing as well: two or three Action 1/exchanges every year year, Cross border projects and many other activities.
Not to be forgotten: he is not too bad at languages. Portoguese is rusty but good, Spanish and English quite understandable.

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